The Tourist

Movie Info:

The Tourist is a romantic comedy thriller movie released in 2010. The movie deals with the story of Elise (Angelina Jolie) and Frank (Johnny Depp). Elise meets Frank on a train going to Venice, she sits next to him on the way. She makes him in trap and makes police to believe that he is her lover whom police are searching. Later they both struggles to evade the police and the gangster whose money Elise’s lover stole.

Plot Summary:

Elise (Angelina Jolie) is a woman who is in Paris by French police working with Scotland Yard. Alexander Pearce (Rufus Sewell), lover of Elise notifies via a letter that provides the directions to board a train to Venice, Italy. Alexander advises her to pick out a man who actually resembles like him and compelled the police that Frank (Johnny Depp) is Alexander Pearce. Later Elise boards a train and moves with the intention to trap Frank. In a train she sits next to Frank who is an American tourist, gets attracted to her. They both reached to Venice where she invites him to go with her to the Hotel Danieli. Elise reveals that she was in relationship with another man. Men who follows her witnessed Elise and Frank sharing a kiss at balcony.

Next day Frank finds that Elise has gone. Franks tries to escape from hotel room by running over several roofs but gets caught by Italian police. Frank tries to prove himself that he knows nothing to a detective. Detective later takes Frank from jail where he tells that the men who were following him are Belarusians and are trying to prove Frank someone else. At the same time Elise comes with boat to rescue Frank when detective was delivering Frank into the clutches of same men. Elise and Frank escapes where Elise reveals that the going issue is because of their kiss and the way she made police believe that he was actual Alexander Pearce.

She also reveals that Pearce stole two billion dollars from gangster named Shaw (Steven Berkoff). He is one of the most wanted criminal by the British Government for tax evasion. Despite of the truth Frank and Elise falls in love. The climax of the movie also reveals that Elise is secret British government agent and supposed to work undercover against Pearce. She falls in love with Pearce and disappears from her job till now. But now she tells Acheson (Paul Bettany) about her intention to help him and catch Pearce. After some time, Elise is handed a letter by the same mysterious stranger from Paris.

Pearce sends the letter which gives location to meet him. Elsie walks up to find Pearce but the agent and Frank watch on surveillance. As she moves into a trap the gangsters threaten her to kill if she reveals the location. Later Elise reveals the location but doesn’t know the exact code to get the stolen money. Frank again notices that Elsie is threatened he picks the lock to his handcuffs and escapes. Frank pretends to be Pearce and tells Shaw that they need to released Elsie then only he can get his money.

Soon, Chief Inspector Jones (Timothy Dalton) makes the police to shoot Shaw and his men without harming Frank and Elsie. Jones is furious to agent Acheson because he can’t believe that Pearce did not save Elsie. Elsie is exposed to danger then Jones informs her that she is terminated from the force. Soon Pearce is caught by police. Frank prove that he is the real Alexander Pearce to replace her from dilemma. He enters the correct code for the safe. Meanwhile, so called Pearce claims that he was paid to be Pearce but he is actually a tourist. Later Elise and Pearce/ Frank depart with money and gets together finally. Police find a check for the 744 million pounds in the open safe and British government is owed by Pearce.

Awards for The Tourist:

The movie The Tourist won three awards and also nominated for three more awards.

Total Gross:

The Tourist hit the box office with US$278.3 million against the budget of US$100 million.

Personal Review:

The Tourist has so many good parts as well as bad parts. The movie doesn’t actually hold the strong plot to appreciate about. We may think that the stars on the movie may be the entertaining which is quiet disappointing.  However the movie is good to taste only once.

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