Public Enemies

Movie Info:

Movie Public enemies is an American mob drama film released in 2009. It presents the story of the notorious bank robber named as John Dillinger (Johnny Depp). He enjoys every deeds he did and gets happy with tiny matter. During 1930’s he used to live openly in Chicago but had a bit of fear of punishments from the authorities. He falls in love with Billie Frechette (Marion Cotillard). John’s team trade with sly efficiency against huge business whereas the ordinary people becomes alone. Later Melvin Purvish (Christian Bale) is assigned by FBI head J. Edger Hoover (Billy Crudup) to track John down. The movie moves further by showing the down fall of John, he faces threatening future with the loss of his friends. He struggles with decreasing options and a changing world of organized crime.

Plot Summary:

The movie presents the story of the notorious bank robber named as John Dillinger (Johnny Depp). Melvin Purvish (Christian Bale) is assigned by FBI head J. Edger Hoover (Billy Crudup) to track John down. Purvis demands the authority to use scientific methods to fight crime which ranges from cataloging finger prints to tapping telephone lines. During a series of many bank robberies John meets Billie Frechette and woos her by buying her a coat. Later Billie falls in deep love even after John reveals his true identity. One of the FBI agent is killed by Baby Face Nelson (Stephen Graham) at a hotel where Purvis believed John is staying. Later Baby Face Nelson escapes with the help of Tommy Caroll. Purvis again plans with Hoover to bring in professional lawmen who are expert in catching criminals.

However, John and his gang gets arrested after a fire catches the Hotel Congress in Tucson, Arizona. John is banished to Indiana and locked up in the Lake County Jail by Sheriff Lillian Holley in Crown Point. John and other his mate’s escapes from there very soon. John could not find Billie and later he learns that she is under tight surveillance and his crimes are motivating FBI to impeach interstate crime which is indirectly severing his connections with Mafia. While robbing a bank in Sioux Falls with Baby Face Nelson, John and Carroll are shot but he is left behind. At the same time the crew departures to the Little Bohemia Lodge in Manitowish Waters where they realize that their tow is less than Nelson. John now hopes to help his gang and plans to free his gang from prison.

Purvis and his team torture Carroll to learn the gang’s location. As Purvis plans a trap at little Bohemia John and Hamilton escapes. There the fight goes via the wood and gun and Hamilton gets fatally wounded. Nelson, Van Meter and Shouse hijack a Bureau car and murders Purvis’ partner in the process. While chasing the car, all those gang people are killed by Purvis and his team, later Hamilton too dies. When John metts Billie he reveals his plan to commit one more robbery which is going to pay them enough to escape together. But soon she is arrested and is beaten severely during interrogation to know about John which she denies to reveal. John joins in a train robbery with Alvin Karpis (Giovanni Ribisi) and the Barker Gang with the intention to flee to next place on the very next day.

He learns from the notice which tells him not to break Billie out of jail. Purvis takes the help of madam and Anna Sage by threatening her to cooperate with her. Later she agrees and calls him to hide out with her where they both see Manhattan Melodrama at the Bio-graph Theater. Purvis signals his other team to spy on them but John notices that the police is there and soon gets shot before he can pursue his gun. Purvis informs Hoover of John’s death. Winstead listens Johns last word that “Tell Billie for me ‘Bye bye Blackbird”, and he tells Billie because of which she shades a tear lastly. The concluding movie reveals that Melvin Purvis quit the FBI in 1935. He was died by his own hand in 1960. Billie then lived her rest of life in Wisconsin following her release in 1936.

Awards for Movie Public Enemies:

The movie Public Enemies won ASCAP awards and was nominated for fourteen more awards.

Total Gross:

Public Enemies hit the box office with $214.1 million against the budget $ 100 million.

Persona Review:

Public Enemies is a worth watching movie. The movie holds the strong plot based on the biography and romance.  It has the perfect blend of romance , drama and crime. As an audience I would appreciate the acting of Johnny Depp the most.

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