Once Upon a Time in Mexico

Movie Info:

Once upon a time in Mexico is an American contemporary action film released in 2003. This film is sequel to EI Mariachi and Desperado. Hitman “EI Mariachi” (Antonio Banderas) is involved in international spying by involving a psychotic CIA agent and also a corrupt Mexican general. CIA agent Sheldon Sands (Johnny Depp) hires EI Mariachi to murder General Emiliano Marquez (Gerardo Vigil). Armando is a Mexican drug lord who prepares to overthrow against the president of Mexico. But EI Mariachi moves forward in search of revenge against a corrupt general who is responsible for his wife’s Carolina (Salma Hayek) death.

Plot Summary:

CIA agent Sheldon Sands hires EI Mariachi to kill General Emiliano Marquez (Gerardo Vigil). Marquez is a corrupt Mexican Army officer. He has been recruited by a Mexican drug nobel Armando Barillo (Willem Dafoe). He prepares to assassinate the President of Mexico and defeat the government. The film slowly reveals that before some years EI Mariachi and his wife Carolina (Salma Hayek) challenged Marquez in a shootout where the general was wounded. As a revenge Carolina and El Mariachi’s daughter was murdered by Marquez.

Later FBI agent Jorge Ramirez (Ruben Blades) was persuaded by Sands to come out of the retirement and murder Barillo. Barillo had also killed his partner Archuleta in the past. However, Sands assigns AFN operative Ajedrez to finish Barillo. Ramirez meets Billy Chambers (Mickey Rourke) while observing Barillo’s activities. Billy is presented as an American fugitive who lives under the protection of Barillo and a person who could not hold the horrible tasks he was forced to carry out for him. Chambers was convinced by Ramirez that he will be protected in exchange for getting closer to Barillo. Chambers agrees to complete the deal and tag his pet Chihuahua with hidden microphone where he also surrenders to U.S. authorities. Sands truly hired Cucuy (Danny Trejo) to spy on EI Mariachi where Cucuy tranquilizes and brings him to Barillo’s mansion. Later Cucuy was killed by Chambers while EI Mariachi escapes from captivity.

After escaping EI Mariachi calls his friends Lorenzo (Enrique Iglesias) and Fideo (Marco Leonardi) to assist him in his mission. Ramirez sees armed men raiding the building while monitoring Barillo’s actions at hospital. Ramirez also learns that a crew of doctors in the hospital have been gunned down whereas Barillo has pushed to death which was a result of a failed suit reconstruction. Ramirez is kidnapped by the Barillo and Ajedrez (Eva Mendes). At the same time, he also realizes that the corpse was a body double on the operating room before he is bashed out. Ajedrez introduces herself as a Barillo’s daughter. Soon Sands is also kidnapped by Barillo and Ajedrez where he understands that his mission has been compromised. Barillo and his daughter drills out Sands eyes and sends him out. But Sands manages to gun down a hitman and tells him with the aid of a chiclet boy.

Marquez and his army tempest in where they attack the presidential palace during the celebration of Day of the Dead. The guerrillas meet with the Mexican army as well as the villagers and the Mariachis. Marquez checks inti the presidential palace just to confront EI Mariachi. Barillo and Ramirez meets after Ramirez gets released from captivity by chambers. Soon Ramirez and EI Mariachi murder the drug lord when Amarillo guns down chambers. Sands also manages to kill the sadistic Ajedrez at the presidential palace. However, Lorenzo and Fideo escapes which Barillo was assisting to pay Marquez, they successfully escort the president. Ramirez also moves after accomplishing his task. An EI Mariachi is shown providing his part of the loot to his own village.

Awards for Once Upon a Time in Mexico:

The film Once Upon a Time in Mexico was rewarded with three award and nominated for 4 awards.

Total Gross:

The Movie Once Upon a Time in Mexico grossed $98.1 million in total against the budget $29 million.

Personal Review:

Once Upon a Time in Mexico is worth watching. But as a audience we need to watch the movie two or three times. Though the movie has strong plot line we will get so much confuse regarding the climax. However, the movie is entertaining with lots of actions and thriller.

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