Before Night Falls

Movie Info:

Before Night Falls is an American Drama movie. It is particularly based on the autobiography of Reinaldo Arenas. The movie Before Night Falls deals with the life and writings of Cuban author Reinaldo Arenas and his exile. The movie represents Arena’s rural childhood and his embrace of the Revolution to the persecution, struggle he experienced as a writer and homosexual in Castro’s Cuba. Later he moves to Manhattan which results as one and only tragic escape in the end.

Plot Summary:

The movie Before Night Falls portraits the life, history, struggle of a Cuban poet and novelist named as Reinaldo Arenas (Javier Bardem). Basically it is based on the autobiography of the same name by Reinaldo Arenas (Javier Bardem). Arenas revels about his sexuality as a gay and he openly confesses that he is a gay. He is born in Orientte in 1943 but raised by his single mother and her parents. We can learn that his family moves to Holguin where he continues his studies. Arenas begins to explore his ambitions and learns about his sexuality as a gay. Arenas is provided opportunity to publish his work after receiving an honorary in a writing contest. Pepe Malas (Andrea Di Stefano) and Tomas Diego (Santiago Magill) as his friends helps him to explore himself more and more.

Later on due to political instability the environment in Cuba becomes more dangerous. He also gets arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting minors in the early seventies. He was sentenced also for publishing abroad without official consent. He gets out of prison after a decade who attempts to leave the country several times but fails.

After massive struggle he succeed to leave Cuba in 1980 and moves to US and resides in Manhattan. He resides there and starts a new life with his new friend named as Lazaro Gomez Carriles (Olivier Martinez). After some years he is diagnosed with sexually transmitted disease Aids. He suffers for many years because of this disease and dies in 1990 with the help of Lazaro.

Awards for Before Night Falls:

The film Before Night Falls successfully won 15 awards and was also nominated for Oscar award as well.

Total Gross:

The film Before Night Falls grossed $8,527,517 in total.

Personal Review:

Movie Before Night Falls, represents the life and struggle of Cuban poet and novelist Reinaldo Arenas. The film captures all the experiences of poet with perfection. Audience who loves to watch out the autobiography and explore about the writers , poet and novelist can enjoy the film.  The movie can be one of the inspirational movie regarding poet/ novelist life.

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