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An animated movie Rango is a movie full of creativity which entertains us with loads of comedy and adventure. Rango (Johnny Depp) is hero character of the movie where he is presented as a Chameleon. He is struggling for his identity. He has escaped the clutches of a hawk and wandering through the desert. Later he stumbles into the town of Dirt which leads him to change the situation of the town. Because of his outrageous encounters and thrilling situations leads him to become a sheriff of the town.

Plot Summary:

Rango (Johnny Depp) is protagonist of the film. He is an ordinary chameleon who is stuck in the Mojave Desert because of his terrarium falls from his owner’s car by accident. Chameleon was directed to find water at a town named as Dirt as he meets an armadillo as Roadkill (Alfred Molina), keenly seeks the mystical “Spirit of the West”. He has escaped the clutches of a hawk while wandering through the desert. He has a surreal nightmare before meeting a rancher’s daughter Beans (Isla Fisher) who is desert iguana. She takes chameleon to Dirt which is an old western town inhabited by desert animals.

Chameleon dares and manages to present himself to the townsfolk as a strong drifter and named himself as a Rango. As Rango rapidly runs afoul of outlaw he avoids a shootout when Bad Bill a Gila Monster (Ray Winstone) is scared because of the hawk’s return. As hawk chases Rango, he accidentally falls down on an empty water tower which signifies the predator. Later the town mayor, an elderly tortoise (Ned Beatty) hires Rango as a Sheriff of the town. At the same time the town people gets worried because of the death of hawk. They believed that the gunslinger Rattle snake Jake (Bill Nighy) who was afraid of the hawk and will return soon.

A skeptical Beans wants Rango to investigate Dirt’s water reserves which is stored in the town bank inside a water cooler bottle which was going to be empty. Soon Rango unintentionally assists some bank robbers who was led by a mole named Balthazar (Harry dean Stanton). Later they were mistaken for prospectors. Rango organizes a gang after the town people discover their water bottle stolen next day. Town people also find that the bank manager Merrimack (Stephen Root) has died in the desert having drowned which was the matter of suspicion. Before discovering the bottle to be empty town people fight the robbers’ clan over the stolen bottle in a chase through a canyon. The gang brings them to experiment in the town despite the robbers admitting they had found it empty.

The mayor was confronted by Rango about his buying of the land in Dirt. The mayor persuades Rango by saying that he is trying to construct a modern city with the purchased land in Dirt. Later the mayor compels Rango to run out of the town with the help of Rattlesnake Jake. He humiliates Rango and makes him admit that everything he shared the town about himself is not a true. Rango flee away with shame and was confused about his identity but he finally meets the Spirit of the West (Timothy Olyphant). Rango later identifies The Spirit as the Man with no names, who inspires him by saying “No man can walk out on his own story”.

The aid of Roadkill and Mystical Moving Yuccas helps Rango in his plan. Rango now discovers that Dirt’s water supply is controlled and precise by an emergency shut-off valve in a pipeline to Las Vegas. Rango learns that the mayor was one who was manipulating on all those issues to cause a drought so he could buy the land. Rango employs the robbers to help him. He calls out Jake after returning to Dirt for a fight with a single bullet. Rango wants the clan and Yuccas to turn the pipeline’s valve to overflow the town with water. He frees the falsely accused robbers as well. The mayor threatens Bean’s life and forces Rango to surrender and he locks them inside the glass bank vault to drown. The mayor thinks that Jake is part of the Old Western town and wants to destroy along with the rest of the town. He then attempts to shoot Jake with Rango’s gun but he gets shocked when he finds the gun is empty. He had already used his gun’s bullet to crack the glass and shatter the vault. Later Rango frees himself and Beans. Jake shows his regards to Rango for saving his life and gifts his hat to Rango. The mayor was dragged into the desert to take revenge for double-crossing him. Now the people of Dirt can enjoy the return of the water and identify Rango as their superhero.

Awards for Rango:

  • The movie won 1 Oscar award.
  • It also won other 45 awards and the movie was nominated for 25 more awards.

Total Gross:

The movie grossed $245.7 million against the budget of $135 million.

Plot Summary:

This film has a great amount of fun. The movie has the perfect blend of comedy and the adventure. It has the perfect plot and action-packed.  We audience can have the new taste as a voice acting of Johnny Depp, Isla Fisher and others in the movie which  is truly awesome. People who love animation, drama, comedy and adventure can enjoy the movie most. This is totally a family movie so everyone can enjoy it together.

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